&#x1F494 was a short experimental film I made in the IDA module „Gender as a Tool“.

I strongly felt that I wanted to make a film about my neighbourhood in Lucerne, the Bruchquartier. The pandemic had shifted my life from being at school almost 24/7 to being at home all day. This project allowed me to research the area around my home and explore it from a more creative point of view. I interviewed two local shopkeepers whos shops I love and whom I admire.

Since this was an interdisciplinary module, I allowed myself to experiment with the medium of animation. I shot a lot of pixelation footage, recorded short clips on my phone and looked into collage animation.

The rainbow sequences are my favourite part of the film and it was interesting to make them as they are a combination of 2D painted textures and collages. The people all have white paper textures, as they are blank canvases. During the pandemic, I felt like our courtyard became a place of community but my neighbours remain strangers. I only see glimpses of their lives.

Made in After Effects, Procreate, Photoshop and Rough Animator.