Hi Ricardo

I'm Noëmi Krüsi.

I could lie and tell you I’ve been an avid Ricardo user for years, but if you check your databank you could debunk that within seconds.

Still – if you hire me, I promise to do my absolute best to not only create the dopest multimedia content but to recruit a ton of new users.

Because that’s what content creating is all about nowadays, right? Increasing our reach and generating new leads.

As a trained Mediamatikerin, I am a Jane-of-all-trades who, in addition to the programmes of the Adobe Creative Suite, is also very familiar with the world of project management.

During my animation studies, I was able to expand and deepen my knowledge in the areas of storytelling and production. Digital formats fascinate me endlessly and I love being creative in tight spaces. You’re currently clicking through a website I made with WordPress, so you know I’ve got that down.

Thanks to my work experience at a large company, I know how to adhere to strict brand guidelines and how to prepare complex content for all target groups. I also have experience in social media marketing and communication, since I am a co-organiser in the media team of DevOpsDays Zurich.

As a digital all-rounder with a bachelor’s degree in film this summer, I am the perfect addition to your team.

What you’re looking for

…someone with an affinity for design, who’s ideally bilingual and ready to learn and improve every day. Someone who has both experience in visual, digital projects as well as website development.

A Mediamatikerin who can manage a project and doesn’t shy away from a challenge but rather will find innovative and efficient solutions for the issues at hand.

Someone highly motivated and collaborative who will fit into your team and take on responsibility.

What I can bring to your team

as well as hard-working dedication, a drive to work self-sufficiently and take initiative, a love of team work and overall creative solution finding. 

All my contact information is on my CV. I’m looking forward to hearing back from you and getting to know you in person very soon. 

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