In the 3rd Semester of my BA in Animation at Hochschule Luzern – Design und Kunst, in the Applied Animation module, I was part of a team of 5 to make an ident for Adult Swim. Our 20-second clip was based on a story by Pavithra Paul. 


Our goal was to make a mixed media film, combining CGI and 2D animation. We ended up using Cinema 4D for modelling (David Odermatt), Blender for texturing (myself) and Houdini for the VFX (Jorrit Stadelmann). Our two animators, Tasha Carolus and Pavithra Paul used Adobe Animate. 


My absolute favourite part of this project was compositing. I used Adobe After Effects because I was already very confident in the program. 

Before and after compositing. 

Breakdown of our last shot with all components.